Michael Broderick

Profile and Projects

Hat Collector

I have a big hat rack, maintaining projects in several languages and frameworks in desktop, web and mobile spaces.

Unreal Development

I build games using Unreal Engine, working in C++ and Blueprints to help bring worlds to life.


Able to work with both industry standard and newer web technologies like PHP/Laravel or Vue.js.

Full Stack

Maintaining projects as a full stack developer for several clients using a variety of solutions. I love figuring out how to tackle problems and make pipelines more efficient.

Other Projects

Finding a reason to have another computer running in my home, I love using open source projects like HomeAssistant and PiHole


Can also be found working on DIY home improvement projects, hanging out with my dogs, playing games or traveling home to the Cayman Islands!

# CV


Software Developer, 2013 to Present
My experience here has given me the ability to understand the entire process that a company is looking to solve when they seek out a full-stack developer. It's extremely rewarding when I see people using systems I know I had a hand in creating.

  • Advisor for clients on how to create information systems with custom software, integrating business processes to software solutions.
  • Single point of contact for clients to achieve desired results with direct feedback using an agile process.
  • Lead Developer for PHP, Java, Android, Filemaker and Xojo.
  • Spearheaded projects to launch a multi-platform software application used on a global scale.


Unreal Engine Developer & Project Manager, 2016 to Present

  • Developed an online multiplayer video game using Unreal Engine 4.
  • Using C++, developed systems capable of handling a dedicated online service.
  • Primary developer, source controlled using Git to work closely with peers.
  • Familiar with new and emerging technology within Unreal Engine, including GAS, Chaos, and Niagara.
  • Capable of using industry standard applications like Maya, Substance, and Photoshop to aid development.
  • Capable of porting Blueprint code to C++ to optimize performance, exposing systems to C++ for improved source control and code review.


Web Developer,, 2006 to 2012
I learned a lot about getting a business running with technology supporting it. By asking the right questions, we formalized other aspects of their business process and transformed their workflow.

  • Created data capture points for clients to gain valuable feedback and understand their users.
  • Integrated third-party APIs to serve as data input for internal systems.
  • Launched communities with thousands of monthly visitors. Increased SEO rankings and page visits.
  • Managed marketing materials for clients, coordinating website and mail marketing.
  • Quality assurance and customer interaction supervisor, testing desktop and mobile devices to improve customer retention.