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Work Experience


Game Director

Oct 2021 - Present
Alpharetta, Georgia, United States

I spearhead game development at Surreal Events. I work with a great team using Unreal Engine to create unique virtual experiences for a variety of different brands and companies. Our development cycles ranged from 6 months to 2 years depending on the scope, and all together we have launched dozens of products.

Highlights of my time as a Game Director:

Project Management: Directing a team of developers using industry standard techniques and tools for the successful deployment of multiple concurrent projects, ensuring timely delivery and adherence to high-quality standards.

Team Leadership: Leading diverse teams of developers, fostering a collaborative and productive work environment, and mentoring junior team members to achieve their full potential.

Technical Expertise: Mastery of Unreal Engine's Blueprints, C++, and various optimization techniques, enabling the creation of immersive and high-performing game experiences.

Innovative Solutions: Developing and implementing cutting-edge technologies and methodologies to solve complex development challenges and enhance gameplay mechanics.


  • Lead architect for features and systems. (Avatar, Achievements, Leaderboards, Inventory)
  • Mentor team members across a variety of disciplines, perform code/performance reviews.
  • Serve as point of technical contact with customers from concept to production to launch.
  • Assist in maintenance, perform health checks on infrastructure, and respond to critical issues to ensure continuity of service.
  • Communicate development timelines and decisions to ensure project deliverables are finished on time and within budget.

Sr. Unreal Engine Developer

Feb 2021 - Apr 2022
Orlando, FL

As an Unreal Engine C++ systems developer, I worked with the Surreal game development team to create several virtual experiences. I utilized my skills and knowledge of C++, animation systems, and asset rigging to create a flexible system for creating and modifying Avatars within Surreal. Also wrote developer scripts and tools to ease the process of modifying assets, allowing us to automate portions of the dev pipeline.


  • Wrote and maintained player systems. (Character, Animation, Interaction)
  • Established the pipeline for maintaining several branches of the codebase.
  • Created gameplay logic written in C++ and Blueprint.
  • Controlled build releases and managed end-user instances of the game client.
  • Worked with external development teams for onboarding to the Surreal platform.


Software Developer

Oct 2013 - Feb 2021
Orlando, FL

I provide exceptional customer services and robust consultation as an advisor regarding development of information systems with custom software, further integrating business processes to software solutions. I serve as key point of contact for clients to ensure attainment of set objectives with direct feedback using Agile processes. I manage various PHP, Java, Android, and Filemaker projects as the Lead Developer.

  • Headed successful execution of a multi-platform software application, utilized globally with more than 30 partner teams collaborating.
  • Oversaw execution of product for efficient management of IP, to minimize length of time required to perform audits from 120 days to just 30 days along with leading relevant expansion into Cloud to provide secure access to tools for review and collaboration.
  • Administered control over UI/UX design and optimization within artwork management software to integrate management tools as well shipping and invoicing systems for automation of sales pipeline.